2016 Tax Form Distribution

Members enrolled in eStatements as of Dec. 31, 2016, will receive their tax forms electronically, while all others will be mailed. Only accounts (combined checking and savings) with $10 or more in interest earning during 2016 will receive the 1099-INT. Only members with mortgage interest paid of $600 or more per loan will receive a 1098.

Note: Members not meeting these thresholds for mailed forms should refer to their statements for tax preparation purposes.

What Each Form Means

1099-INT: Interest income.

1099-R: Individual Retirement Account (IRA) distributions.

1099-SA: Health Savings Account (HSA) distributions.

1098: Mortgage interest.

1098-E: Student loan interest.

If you have any questions or haven’t received your tax forms by Feb. 17, 2017, please call us at 800.845.5025 or email info@connexuscu.org.