1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 2.95% APR is fixed until 10/1/2017 and is valid for advances made between 4/17/2017 and 6/18/2017. After the introductory period, the loan will increase to the variable APR disclosed at the time of closing. The current non-introductory APR may vary and is based on margin plus 12 week average of the 1 year Treasury. Average rate for the prior 12 weeks is 4.86% APR. Margin is based on individual credit and loan-to-value (LTV). The APR will never exceed 15.90% APR. Minimum monthly payment is 1.5% of the plan credit limit. Two biweekly payments equal one monthly payment. There is a 15 year draw period and a 15 year repayment period. A minimum $5,000 initial advance is required during the introductory period to initiate the introductory rate lock. This advance will result in a lower rate for the total outstanding balance. After 10/1/2017, the rate on all outstanding balances will return to the variable post-introductory rate on the existing Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Maximum loan amount is $100,000. Offer applies to LTV ratio up to 80%. This introductory rate only applies to new HELOCs with Connexus Credit Union or HELOCs refinanced from another lender. No annual fee. Offer not valid in TX. Offer only valid on personal HELOCs. Borrower to pay any applicable closing costs. Total closing costs are dependent on loan amount and can range from $77 to $1,000. Property insurance is required. All loans are subject to approval and qualifications. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer subject to underwriting. Rates are subject to change and may vary based on individual credit and relationship level. Introductory rate valid on applications received between 4/17/2017 and 6/18/2017.

2 Consult your tax advisor for potential tax-deductible interest costs.