CRIS Telephone Banking

With our free telephone banking service (CRIS), you can access your accounts anytime day or night from any touch-tone telephone. (CRIS) is free and easy to use.

Call CRIS telephone banking using either 1-800-GET-CRIS (1-800-438-2747) or 715-847-4701 and follow the voice prompts to get started.

  • Enter your member number
  • Enter your access code.  NOTE: Your initial password is the last 4 numbers of the primary member's Social Security Number.

CRIS Quick Reference Guide

Helpful Tips

  • Enter monetary transactions in dollars and cents without a decimal point. For example, $123.45 is entered 12345 and $25.00 is entered 2500.
  • Don't confuse your member number with the individual numbers for each of your credit union accounts. Check your statement or online banking for these numbers, or contact the credit union for assistance.
  • Loan payoffs are good only for the day you call. Please contact us if you plan to mail your payoff.
  • During business hours hit 0 to reach our Member Center.
  • To decrease a deposit account to zero, contact Connexus at 800-845-5025.
  • You can move on to another transaction at any time by keying in your entry over the voice.

Telephone Banking Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Check your balances
  • Transfer funds
  • 24/7 access